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Carlota was an enslaved woman who, along with three others, lead the 1843 slave revolt at the Triumvirato sugar mill in Matanzas province, Cuba, which spread to the Arcana mill near by. 

Matanzas was the site of many uprisings during the year of 1843. Carlota and other members of the revolts went from one sugar plantation to another in the province to liberate other enslaved Africans from July to August. By November of 1843, full scale rebellion broke out. 

The enslaved Africans revolting used “talking” drums to spread news of rebellion, relay messages, and to recruit more members for their liberation efforts. Two enslaved Africans at the Arcana mill - a man named Evaristo, and a woman named Fermina - worked to spread Carlota’s rebellion efforts to their enslaved companions. Fermina and Evaristo were eventually arrested and chained. 

On November 3rd, 1843 Carlota traveled to Arcana to liberate Fermina and Evaristo along with the other slaves at the mill. 

Carlota’s careful planning and guerilla tactics inspired other rebellion movements by Africans in the Matanzas region. Carlota participated in revolts in the areas of Sabanilla del Encomendador, Guanábana, Santa Ana and also at the San Miguel, Concepción, San Lorenzo and San Rafael sugar plantations. Enslaved Africans working coffee plantations and cattle estates were also assisted by Carlota in their liberation attempts. 

1844 became known as the “Year of the Lashes” as repression efforts from the Governor of Cuba Leopoldo O’Donnell ended in the execution of black revolters including Fermina, and Carlota. Fermina was shot in March of 1844 along with other enslaved Africans. Carlota was drawn and quartered; she was tied to horses that were sent in opposite directions to completely dismember her body. 

A monument to Carlota and the rebellion she lead was erected on the spot of the Triumvirato sugar mill in Matanzas.

Picture 1: Triumvirato Matanzas - Carlota, leader of a slave rebellion by Richard Baker

Picture 2: Carlota la rebelde, featured on afrocubaweb


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"When you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality."

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it’s funny how white people always claim they want to appreciate a culture but won’t respect the people from the actual culture.

I just had a wild encounter with this in my online class for visual development OH BOY

PSA: Korean Names


I’ve been seeing a sudden surge in Korean characters in RP and that’s great! Fantastic, even! But my excitement is quickly dashed when I see that their name is a little…off. 

  1. NAME ORDER: When googling a Korean celebrity, nine times out of ten the results will list their SURNAME first and their GIVEN NAME second. For example, if someone were named Kim Sun-Hee, Kim would be their SURNAME and Sun-Hee would be their GIVEN NAME. It is important to note that it is very common for Koreans to have three syllable names, one for the surname and two for the given name. With this in mind, with a name like Sun-Hee (or just Sunhee), Hee is NOT THEIR SURNAME OR LAST NAME but rather, the second syllable/part to their given name. If your RP follows the western naming order (first name, last name), then do the same for Korean characters (Kim Sun-Hee would then be listed as Sun-Hee Kim) so as to avoid confusion. 
  2. THREE SYLLABLES: As I said before, typically, Korean names are three syllables long; the surname having one and the given name having two. Two syllables are common as well; one for the surname and one for the given (ex. Park Hyun). Please, if you’re going for accuracy but have no experience or knowledge on this subject matter, google Korean names and surnames and research the names you have chosen before assigning them to your character; too many times have I seen surnames being used as given names, second parts of given names being used as surnames, etc. 

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I’ve been hearing theories about Bolin being a lava bender instead of a metal bender because of his mixed Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation roots and goSH THAT’S THE BEST THEORY I’VE EVER HEARD

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Did they ever reveal how Captain America was thawed? Because I’m picturing a bunch of Shield agents with hair dryers and I don’t think that’s quite right.

I don’t think they’d want to microwave him so hair dryer is really the only remaining option. That’s how I’d do it.
Do you have a sciency way to accomplish this task?

Well, let’s see. 

To thaw a 1.5 metric ton colossal squid frozen in a block of ice (the only way the fishermen who trawled the thing in could bring it home before it went bad), scientists put it in a big vat of brine just above 0 Celsius/32F. That allowed the fresh water to melt while still keeping the squid as cold as possible. Essential, since for a giant corpse with tentacles, certain parts are bound to thaw days before others and could become quite rotten before the rest comes out of the ice block if you’re not careful. 

HOWEVER Captain America was still alive, which complicates things. On the other hand, even supersoldiers are significantly smaller than this record-setting colossal squid. This helps thaw logistics somewhat.

Much like the squid, Captain America would have to be kept at a consistent temperature throughout his body in order to be thawed successfully. If his extremities were to thaw more than a minute or two before his heart and lungs were thawed and reactivated, the tissue wouldn’t have any oxygen and would quickly die. What a shame to bring back Steve Rogers only to have him be the poster boy for gangrene. Brain tissue becoming metabolically active before the cardiovascular system began functioning would be even more disastrous— possible permanent brain damage. 

And the GH-325 project was born

To keep his temperature as equal as possible across his entire body, something like the squid brine or (more likely) an antifreeze solution would be used. Immerse the Capsicle in brine until the entire unit is within a degree or two of thawing* to begin Phase II.

*Note that due to presence of salts, fats, protein, etc, the freezing point of meat is actually 28-29F. Apologies to non-US readers, sadly I only work with American meat and don’t know the freezing point of corpses/beef in Sane Country Units. That being said, Steve Rogers is 100% American meat. Fahrenheit shall be considered the appropriate unit for this project. 

At the thawing point, it’s important to consider life support functions. I don’t know how fast human tissue uses up oxygen at refrigerator-range temperatures, but I’m going to assume that the sooner you have oxygen circulating the better. A heart-lung machine would be needed to oxygenate and move the blood around for a while before the heart gets started back up. 

Meanwhile, because Captain America’s last un-frozen moments were spent deep underwater, there may be decompression issues at play. Whatever gas bubbles may have been present in his tissue are currently frozen in place, but when he thaws they can move about and create embolisms —> the bends. Better put him in a hyperbaric chamber just in case. 

Since Captain America regained consciousness in a recovery room rather than during the thaw process, it may be safe to assume that he was sedated and/or placed in a drug-induced coma during thaw. 

So at this point we’ve got a giant bathtub of brine, a heart-lung machine, oxygen canisters, lots of drugs, plus all the necessary monitoring equipment all inside a hyperbaric chamber. After thawing the antifreeze bath could be replaced with gradually warming water or saline solution in order to bring Captain America back up to normal body temperature. So many machines! This is US medicine at its finest.

Forced warm air blowers (hairdryers) are needed after Captain America is fully thawed, organ systems are reactivated, and he is brought back to normal body temperature. At this point it becomes necessary to dry and style Captain America and put him in period-appropriate jammies to sleep it off in a vintage hospital room. If you think hearing the wrong baseball game tipped him off fast, you should see him wake up with bad hair. 



That being said, Steve Rogers is 100% American meat. Fahrenheit shall be considered the appropriate unit for this project. 

This is the best science post on all of Tumblr.

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Brave Soldier Boy…




…comes marching home.


Links to Help You Start Coding by azurethemes/salazhar
In honor of opening my theme blog, I thought I’d make this post on learning how to code since many people ask where/how I started coding. This is not a tutorial on how to code a theme, but a list of resources on how to start learning HTML and CSS.

These websites are the one I used to learn and understand more about HTML and CSS. 

  • Code Academy
    Code Academy teaches you HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and more interactively. Their tutorials are great for anyone of any age. This site is my favorite and I definitely recommend it.
  • w3Schools
    w3Schools is what I like to call my online glossary. It has literally everything you need to know.

There are many great tutorials here on tumblr on creating your own theme. Here are a few:

Tumblr has also provided us with a document on creating custom themes and I suggest going through it. 

If you wanna start coding themes, but you don’t know where to start, I suggest using a base code. 
I have a masterpost of base codes here, but you will want to use base codes that come with instructions like these two [ one | two ] so it’s easier for you to customize and understand the theme.

Again, this is just a list of resources to help you begin coding your own tumblr themes. I will release another resources list with more external links that provides you with tutorials to make your themes even better. This one is just to help you start out.

Please like/reblog this if you found it useful.
If you have anymore questions on coding, feel free to ask me!




Gordo keepin it real

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Never settle, Ladies. Know your worth.


Freema Ageyman’s FACE, tho.

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i was trying out gradient maps in photoshop i kinda like these actually!

tho i chickened out with the buildings

thank u for the request aghht / aghhtdraws

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Black actors who are Academy Award winners

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