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Well, this is embarrassing

Left: Adrianne Palicki promo shot for NBC’s Wonder Woman.

Right: Kimberly Kane promo shot for ‘Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody’.

….is it just me or does the porno version outfit not only look WAY BETTER crafted and prettier, the actress also has more muscles, a nicer fitting chest piece and a waaay more fitting body type and skin tone. 

Also the porno version doesn’t look more “feminine”/more sexy whatever.


the “official” one looks like a really bad Halloween costume

I mean fuck the porno one has bigger wrist cuff I REPEATE: BIGGER WRIST CUFFS PORNO WOMAN IS BETTER DRESSED TO KICK ASS *cries*

can someone contact the designer of the porno 

clearly he/she knows how a womans body works.

It’s embarrassing when the official looks a like a porn and the porn looks like the official thing.

The thing that makes me stunned the most is that even the boobs of the porn version are cupped and held in better by her clothing than those of the official thing…

The moment a porn movie treats the boobs of a woman with more subtlety than a big name production, some staff changes are in order.

Meanwhile at Marvel, Black Widow wears appropriate ass kicking attire, Thor is a woman and Captain America is black and DC is over there like: what do we do with *whispers* boob


if aang had seen that dude sporting a bison cape he would have been launched into the stratosphere in less than .0006 seconds

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Check out this sideboob! Does this sideboob turn you on?


Well it shouldn’t. Because this is THOR SIDEBOOB


I think you mean well it SHOULD because it’s Thor’s sideboob.

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Voice Actors and Actresses from Avatar The Last Airbender who came back with new characters in The Legend of Korra.


When I was a boy, my father, Avatar Aang, told me the story of how he and his friends heroically ended the Hundred Year War. Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko transformed the Fire Nation colonies into the United Republic of Nations, a society where benders and nonbenders from all over the world could live and thrive together in peace and harmony. They named the capital of this great land, Republic City. Avatar Aang accomplished many remarkable things in his life. But sadly, his time in this world came to an end. And like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew.


Was watching ‘Young Justice’ the other day, and a thought occurs in regards to DC Comics:

There are male superheroes with boy sidekicks


There are male superheroes with girl sidekicks


There are female superheroes with girl sidekicks


But female…



A moment of silence for all the fanart/fanfiction/graphics that depicts Kya as the eldest child and Bumi as the middle child of the Kataang kids.

another moment of silence for all the fanart/fanfiction/graphics that depicts Lin as the only child of Toph Beifong.

scottishpilgrims sent:

Hello! It's my first time going to sdcc and I'm trying to get some tips about it. Also, when you get autographs from a cast, can it be on anything or just posters and things? I'd love for some advice if you have any! :) thanks!!


Sure! No problem!! I’ve been attending for the last four years so I have plenty of experience! I’ll start with your question: In order to get an autograph you have to get a ticket from the companies booth in the exhibit hall. Captain America Signing = Marvel Booth, etc. They only hand out a couple hundred so get there as soon as possible!  To keep it fair for everyone they usually don’t give out a time of when they will release the tickets, so I assume people go the booth as soon as the exhibit hall opens. And they will provide posters but if you’d like you could bring something personal for them to sign.


  1. Comic Con is the convention of lines!! You will wait in a line just to be in another line! Have tons of patience and comfortable shoes! It will be loud and crowded and full of energy.
  2. There are other places to go other than the convention center Other surrounding hotels host different stuff, mostly gaming! Just Dance stage is my personal favorite located next door at the Marriott. Explore Outside as well as inside!
  3. Do not wake up early if you do not have to! With the exception of registration day which I’m sure stays open till like noon if I can remember. There is no need to get up early, Comic Con is an all day convention! If you have no panels or anything scheduled early in the day, sleep in! Eat breakfast, chill out! Getting up at 7 am all excited with energy will die out sooner than you think! Then the next thing you know it’s 1 in the afternoon and your feet are killing you and your tired, hungry and want to go home. You will see many people walking into the con at like 2 p.m, that’s because there is no reason to be there all day if you have nothing planned.
  4. Food! Food in the convention is pricy and not very good or healthy for you. Plus the lines are waaay tooo long, Bring your own food in a little back pack or buy food outside the convention. There are tons of good restaurants down town that are cheap, good and will give you a discount for having a Comic Con badge.
  5. If you are going to a panel get in line 3-6 hours before it starts! Going to panels all depends on on how big the fandom is! The first Legend of Korra panel was a breeze! I got in line three hours before it started, made it in no problem! Now! The fandom got so big they had to change to a larger room. The result: Got in line 4 hours early and Didn’t Not Get In! Talking to people who did get in! They got in line at 2a.m!! Now just think if it was a Marvel panel. People wait in line 12 hours before hand!! You will spend all day in a line to get into certain panels, be prepared for that. That being said
  6. You can not do panels and exhibit hall on the same day! This is why buying more than one day is a must! The exhibit hall is like the size of a football field, you are lucky if you can get from one side to the other! Tons to look at and buy, cast signings, autographs, FREE SHIT! You can spend hours in there if you can ignore being trampled by people. Panels take all day and the E-Hall closes an hour before the con. You can’t do both.
  7. Cosplay If you are in cosplay try to carry as less as possible. My friends put all out stuff in one back and take turns carrying it. You will be stopped constantly for pictures!! You won’t be able to do very much from all the attention and if you’re holding large props you don’t want to be bothered with personal items. They do have a drop off section where you pay 3 dollars to leave your bags there. ALWAYS GET YOUR WEAPON PROP CHECKED! You have to get a yellow tag on your weapons or you wont be able to bring it in!
  8. FREE SHIT! Everyday booths give out new merchandise. pop into the exhibit hall at least once a day to visit your favorite companies and get cool, exclusive stuff! Sunday is the best time to go! Stock is limited though, but most people want to get rid of as much as possible so they don’t have to pack it all up. Go on Sunday, also it won’t be so crowded in there!
  9. Buying Stuff! Check out all the booths you want FIRST!, write down or remember the prices. Some booths! Mostly Anime, Comic books stuff have the same items but the prices are different. And the last thing you want is to buy a plushie at one booth to find out it was 5 dollars cheaper at another!

That’s all I can think of! I hope I gave some good advice! :3 Ask for anything else you’ll need if you’d like! :)

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calling a man a “pig” is literally dehumanising how do some people not think there’s anything wrong with that how

Because chicks, fillies, birds and bitches never get dehumanised. Those vixens always get away with this kind of shit. Especially the heifers, they’re the worst. What cows.




The Violent Xenophobic Racism in Ireland

At 9pm last Tuesday, 44-year-old Chinese doctor, Wu Youzhong, went to investigate the sound of breaking glass outside his home in Coleraine, County Londonderry, in Ireland. When he arrived at his front door, he saw that the window had been smashed. An intruder then attacked him so violently that he had to be admitted to hospital for several days, and required consultation from an eye specialist. Dr Wu’s wife, Luo Ruoyin, said, “I heard he was just screaming in pain and I was scared. He was just holding his head and covering his eyes and blood was just running down everywhere.” The police are treating the attack as racially motivated; the couple, who have a two-year-old daughter, are reported to be intending to move away from the area.

The Chinese community in Ireland has long been a target of racial discrimination. Anna Lo, an Alliance Party politician born in Hong Kong who was elected to the Ireland Assembly in 2007, was the first politician from an ethnic minority at national level in Ireland, as well as the first East Asian to be elected anywhere in Britain. Her campaign was dogged by violent racism – including death threats – to the extent that she had to carry a panic alarm as a precaution. One far-Right website published pornographic images of Chinese women, alongside derogatory references to Anna Lo. “People from ethnic minorities are very frightened,” she said. “I have never seen ethnic minorities so fearful in Ireland.”

Read More: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jakewallissimons/100181659/sectarian-hatred-is-being-overtaken-by-xenophobic-racism-in-northern-ireland/

the crumbling myth of white supremacy. white supremacy is violent. white supremacy is destructive. white supremacy is pervasive. white supremacy kills.

People who say “well the Irish used to be nonwhite”

Not fucking anymore they’re not.



Black Trans Women & Street Harassment:

Conversations on Street Harassment often exclude Black Trans Women because we don’t view them as women& we see their bodies as inherently deserving of violence. We tend to see street harassment of trans women, not as gender based systematic violence, but as non-existent or inexplainable & unavoidable tragedy.


POC: Hey you know that racial slur that your people made up to dehumanize mine?
White person: I know of it
POC: Don't say it any more
White person: Well you are fucking racist for telling me I can't say a racial slur and you are oppressing me by denying my rights to speak freely


When Hussein was frantically searching for his son in the final days of the 2011 revolution that toppled Libya’s dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, he visited a villa and discovered cells full of naked women who had been raped and tortured. Breaking the taboos of Libyan society, one of those women testified about her experience at a conference in Tripoli in May, moving the men listening to tears. In large part due to her brave testimony, Libya is now drafting a bill that Libya’s new leaders and NGOs believe is a world first: making rape during armed conflict a war crime.

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.